From the ALCC Treasurer

As of 3/31/2014, the ALCC has approximately $4,800 in cash and equivalents.  If the club continues to further collect membership dues as anticipated, it is expected that the club will satisfy budgeted 2014 expenditures.

2014 Spring Report – ALCC Communications

We’ve come a long, long way in the eighteen months, with the consistent objective of getting accurate, timely information out to the community.  The board has spent countless hours creating and improving a package of tools to do just that.  First, under Marcia Hardy’s leadership, the ALCC website was created.  While it is still evolving, it is a wealth of information and we do our best to keep it current.

Then came LakeLink, the fun, easy to read, short, every-few-weeks newsletter that now goes out to 291 emails.  Our guesstimate is that we need a couple hundred more to be reaching everyone.  If you are not yet receiving it, you may sign up on the front page of this website.

Using the same email list, LakeALERT was created as, from time to time, we have safety or emergency information that needs to go out asap. In 2014 we used it once for notifications of tree trimming by Tanner, and once to prepare everyone for travel delays due to Springtime road work.

We now have a true Ames Lake Community Facebook page, a private page that can only be seen and be a part of if you are vetted as an ALCC member.  Lissette Johnson has recently taken over it’s organization–and other social media–and she is on fire with enthusiasm.  If you are an ALCC member and want to be on our Facebook page, send Lisette a note to

In the future, we plan to build a Twitter account, too.   LakeALERT and Twitter combined are terrific ways to reach out in times of emergency.  Twitter will be a slower build, but we love the idea of it and how it can serve everyone.

Lastly, the board just added a universal telephone number, 206-358-2959 (at not charge to the membership. Love that!) If you have a polite message or question about an activity or group, your message will be read and sent to the proper person to get back to you.  Very cool.

The chart below shows how our information flows in graphic form.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Spring Cleaning for our Roads

Join us Sunday, April 27th at 9 a.m. at the beach for coffee and bagels before heading off with your claw-grabber and sack to prowl a small section of our roads.  Won’t take any longer than a stroll around the lake, making it an easy way to contribute.  Questions?  Call 206-337-9561  

Ames Lake Area Roadwork – Spring 2014


Safety Group Logo copy

Beginning March 20, King County will be doing roadwork to enhance our area’s road safety.  The desire is to reduce the number of run-off collisions (cars running off the side of the road) as well as center-line collisions in our Ames Lake area.

From March (20-21) to April (7-10), roadwork will be between the hours of 8:30 – 4:30 pm, avoiding the peak driving hours and school bus runs.  The county will have flaggers and mechanisms to assist drivers in moving up and down Ames Lake road during the roadwork dates.

Below is the work being conducted:

MARCH 20-21-

  • Guardrail reflectors SR202 up to NE 63rd Way
  • Enhanced pavement markings between Union Hill Rd. and the bridge
  • Raised pavement markers and wider edge lines and double center lines

APRIL 7-10

  • Adding chevrons on the curves up Ames Lake Road
  • Adding a Radar Speed Sign (located 200′ north of house #4102 on Ames Lake Rd.)  This will advise south bound traffic to slow down, will post the advisory speed, and will give the speed that the car is traveling.  The county has already begun laying the electrical work for our new Radar Speed Sign (last week in Feb.)
  • Adding additional Advisory Placards (signs) for sharp curves
  • Adding radius wraps (painted edge signs) at Quail Creek Drive, NE Union Hill Rd., and W. Snoqualmie Valley Rd.


Feb. 26th – Creative Group Meets Feb. 26th

Creative Group Mtg. Feb 26thCreatives have stats!

Last night we gathered casually at Joan’s house, introducing ourselves to one another, sharing how we spend our creative time, learning what we hope to get from the group and tossing out suggestions.   Our stats: Among the seven Creatives present  (its a start!) we had 1 jewelry maker, 3 painters, 1 who should be painting more, 1 weaver, 1 welder/sculptor/artist, 2 writers, 4 sewers, and many other mentioned creative endeavors.

Our next meeting is set for Wed. April 23rd, and we’ll each be reaching out to another ALCC member to bring as well as each will bring an example of their talents.

We’d love for you to join us!  Call 425-754-0628 for more information.