Ames Lake Artists Part of Snoqualmie Valley Arts Tour

Two of our Ames Lake Residents, Jim Wilcher, glass artist, and Ed Edelstein, painter, will be among many artists who will be opening their studios to guests for two days at this self-guided, free tour.  Click this link to find a map an artists list:  MAP OF ARTS TOUR

When- June 21 & 22        Hours- 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Meet artists in their studios, see the region’s galleries and art-friendly businesses while you enjoy the scenic byways of the Snoqualmie river Valley.  This is a unique opportunity to see the creative spaces that produce some of our area’s best art.

The tour lands on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year so you’ll have plenty of sunlight to see a wide variety of art.  Plein air painting, monumental stone carvings, unique metal sculptures–you will encounter a wide variety of quality work on the trail of discovery through our very picturesque rural landscape.




Workparty for Lot D

Please join the team and help improve lot D so those who live in the southwest quadrant–and anyone else, including those who like to take their dogs to the lake.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH  -  9 a.m.  - meet at LOT D.

Where is lot D?  Click here to see the map.

Water Testing the Lake

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 7.20.42 PM

Alicia and Ryan Tremblay are on the water and volunteering as Ames Lake participates in a special King County water testing program.

Beach Keys Still Available!

Our three key exchanges have past but you may still obtain a key using US Mail.

Click here for the form.  Print it and send it along with your payment and a SELF ADDRESSED TWO-STAMPED ENVELOPE so we can mail your key back to you.  You may include your old key, but remember to put two stamps on the envelope that you mail to us.

If you have lost your key or this is your first key, the deposit is $10.00.  Too, you’ll find a request for $15.00 yearly to help offset the cost of beach maintenance.  This was passed by those attending the annual meeting.

ALCC Address: 3647 E. Ames Lake Lane NE, Redmond, WA 98053

Our Facebook Page Keeps Growing and Growing

facebook_logo_detail copy

We’re delighted that our Facebook page nows has 62 members due to the energy and effort of Lisette Johnson.  On our private ALCC page, there are reminders and event updates, members share news, referrals, day-to-day neighborhood activities (both good and worth watching out for)–just about anything one would talk about over the proverbial backyard fence.  There are couple of steps in order to join because we want to ensure you are an ALCC neighbor, so thank you for a bit of patience.  Click to join:  I WANT TO JOIN ALCC FACE BOOK

New Tool for Lily Pad Removal

John using lily pad rake in the lake

ALCC member Tracy Emmanuel used one of his many talents to tackle the proliferation of lily pads in our lake by fabricating an excellent tool for their removal.  Tracy showed the tool to those attending the annual meeting and the 10 rakes he brought along were quickly spoken for.  Although the real winner is the lake’s ecosystem, sale of the tool ($100.00) will benefit the ALCC after reimbursing Tracy for his costs ($40.00).

Tracy explained that the best time to get after the lily pads is when you see the shoots coming up in April and May as the weather warms.  With the rake and it’s “V” shaped blade, your forward-and-back motion at the base of the plants cuts them off when they’re small.  Should you want to remove the plants when they’re on the surface and blooming, it is more difficult and messier because of the weight of the plant debris and less ability to see–you’ll need good biceps for it, but it can be done.  If you’ll do this reliably a couple or three times, they’ll not come back for a few years.  The rake also has an extension handle so you’ll not have to wade into the deeper water.

This is a very sharp tool and one that should only be handled with care and be carefully used only by a responsible, attentive adult.  Do not use when other people are in the water nearby.

If you are interested, the rakes are $100.00 prepaid.  Print out the order form/release form and send your check to the ALCC address on the form. Click here for the ORDER FORM.

From the ALCC Treasurer

As of 3/31/2014, the ALCC has approximately $4,800 in cash and equivalents.  If the club continues to further collect membership dues as anticipated, it is expected that the club will satisfy budgeted 2014 expenditures.

2014 Spring Report – ALCC Communications

We’ve come a long, long way in the eighteen months, with the consistent objective of getting accurate, timely information out to the community.  The board has spent countless hours creating and improving a package of tools to do just that.  First, under Marcia Hardy’s leadership, the ALCC website was created.  While it is still evolving, it is a wealth of information and we do our best to keep it current.

Then came LakeLink, the fun, easy to read, short, every-few-weeks newsletter that now goes out to 291 emails.  Our guesstimate is that we need a couple hundred more to be reaching everyone.  If you are not yet receiving it, you may sign up on the front page of this website.

Using the same email list, LakeALERT was created as, from time to time, we have safety or emergency information that needs to go out asap. In 2014 we used it once for notifications of tree trimming by Tanner, and once to prepare everyone for travel delays due to Springtime road work.

We now have a true Ames Lake Community Facebook page, a private page that can only be seen and be a part of if you are vetted as an ALCC member.  Lissette Johnson has recently taken over it’s organization–and other social media–and she is on fire with enthusiasm.  If you are an ALCC member and want to be on our Facebook page, send Lisette a note to

In the future, we plan to build a Twitter account, too.   LakeALERT and Twitter combined are terrific ways to reach out in times of emergency.  Twitter will be a slower build, but we love the idea of it and how it can serve everyone.

Lastly, the board just added a universal telephone number, 206-358-2959 (at not charge to the membership. Love that!) If you have a polite message or question about an activity or group, your message will be read and sent to the proper person to get back to you.  Very cool.

The chart below shows how our information flows in graphic form.

Download (PDF, Unknown)