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Our Private Community Beach

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Private Property - No Public Access

  • Be careful on the dock.  

  • Be aware of shallow areas, boulders and slippery surfaces.

  • Watch children – drowning used to be the lead cause of death, but gunshots may have overtaken.

  • Don’t drink and paddle – if in need of help, sheriff and ambulances take longer to get here because of the bad access, beginning with the locked gates.

  • No glass please.

  • No fire pits – both the flames and the embers pose hazards to the public.

  • If you see something potentially hazardous, report it to the ALCC.

Beach Rules

  • ​The ALCC member who obtains a key is responsible for its safe keeping and responsible for all family members and guests.

  • An ALCC member or tenant must accompany guests when they use the beach.

  • Children 13 years old and under must be accompanied by an ALCC member or tenant who is at least 18 years of age.

  • Only electric motors allowed. No diesel motors (of any horsepower) allowed.

  • There is no life guard on duty. Swimming or any use of the beach is at your own risk.

  • Each lot owner holds harmless all other lot owners for injuries suffered at the beach.

  • Pets are not allowed at the beach from June 1-September 30th. Pets are allowed at the beach from October 1st through May 31st. Pet owners are responsible for dog waste removal.

  • Remember to be a good neighbor and refrain from loud, disturbing noise.

  • No overnight parking or storage of any vehicle, including boats.

  • Parking is limited, so please park where others will have adequate space to park. 

  • No parking of trailers within the gated area at any time.

  • Not allowed within gated area: skateboards, scooters, bikes, motorcycles or RVs. Bikes can be locked outside the gated fence.

  • Make sure you pack out all trash.

  • No glass containers of any kind are allowed.

  • No fire-pit building or burning of any kind is allowed, including fireworks.

  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed.

  • Please lock the gate behind you, both to the parking area and to the beach.

Park Safely

Please be mindful of our narrow and curvy roads. Do not park outside the beach parking lot, as it blocks the two-way traffic and creates a safety hazard.

(This includes in front of the gate.)
Park inside our designated parking area or find a safer spot further away and walk to the beach if the lot is full.

Keys for the Community Beach

The beach is for Ames Lake Plat owners and renters only. No exceptions.

One key per family.

Our co-owned lots are for the exclusive use of our Ames Lake Plat owners/renters and their accompanied guests. Do not obtain or use a key unless you are an Ames Lake Plat owner/renter.


Every Spring we change the lock and hold several "Key Exchanges." Please watch for the key exchange dates. This is the quickest and easiest way to get a current key for the year.

We will gladly accept payment for annual dues, too!

You can replace a current key for free. A new/lost key is $25.
Please email us and we will give you instructions.


Please familiarize yourself with the Beach Rules. 

Recreate Responsively

The private beach is intended to be a safe place for everyone. Please be considerate when enjoying the beach.

ACT RESPONSIBLY: Alcohol and water do not mix!

BATHROOMS: A Honey Bucket is at the beach during Summer months

PACK IT OUT: The logistics of getting garbage services at the beach has prevented us from providing these.

Please, take your trash out with you.

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