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Join us maintaining the lake. 

Our first Lily Pad Picking Expedition hit the water this past Sunday 7/17! Nine community members  - from 3 to 63 - came out to enjoy the quiet morning and warm water, and lend a hand in controlling the lilies. 


We will be out on the water every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm until mid-September. Come join us for some productive downtime on the lake, some laughs and camaraderie. We look forward to meeting you!

Something exciting got started this season - Thanks to neighbors coming together helping with parts including Andy (lily pad cutter), David E. (boat), and Peter J (floating devices), our very own Dan Dow engineered our first Ames Lake Mower. (Yes, we are taking suggestions for a cool name but so far the favorite is "THE JAW".). Dan Dow has been taking the mower out several times at the South end and joined us 3 times so far at the North end on Saturdays and we are excited to see the further impact. If you would like to be involved in this effort mowing lily pads by boat, please contact the club at and let's get your name on the list.




PHASE II (2021 Plan)

Community Coming Together - Keeping Ames Lake Healthy!

We are excited to resume our lily-pad-picking parties this year! Starting July 17th, and continuing through September, we will be working together to clear the invasive fragrant water lilies from defined areas around the lake. These are surprisingly fun events, hanging out with neighbors on the lake and helping to restore our native ecosystem. This year our schedule will be Saturday mornings 9-11AM, and Wednesday evenings 6-8PM, with some exceptions. Check the calendar for upcoming dates!

Our goal this year is to clear all lily pads growing more than 15 feet out from the shoreline, around the entire lake. In some areas of Lot A, such as in front of our co-owned lots B-E, and at the outlet creek, clearing will go all the way to the shoreline. We will also be able to prioritize a few other areas of Lot A in front of individual lakefront properties. If you would like help managing the lily pads in front of your property, please send a request to the club via email. Due to the limits of volunteer time, we will be prioritizing the elderly, disabled, and single person households.

You don’t have to wait until July 17th, if you are eager to get working in the water. In the next couple of weeks we will be doing more experiments with cutters and containment nets, and are looking for volunteers to help determine the most efficient methods. Please email ALCC if you think you can help!

Come make a positive impact on the community, get a great arm/core workout and enjoy meeting our neighbors as we work together. Please only show up if you are healthy and have not been exposed to covid-19. Sign up on our website!

WHERE: Meet at the floating dock near the beach lot.

WHEN: Every Saturday at 9 am and Wednesday at 6 pm!

(exceptions to this schedule will be announced when needed)

Watercraft Needed! Some work can be done by swimming, but it’s a lot easier to lily-pad party with a kayak, canoe or paddleboard. We can also put volunteers with dinghies to work, transporting the lily pads safely to shore for composting.

If you don't have a kayak and/or paddle board and would still like to volunteer, please let us know. We can likely find one you can borrow.



Community Coming Together - Keeping Ames Lake Healthy!

As co-owners of lots A-E, we have a shared responsibility to make sure our lake and lots are healthy and well maintained.

Noxious Weed Pilot – Phase I invasive fragrant waterlilies

With the lake as a shared responsibility we need to ensure we are doing regular upkeep so invasive plants, such as the Fragrant Waterlily, don’t become dominant.

We have many lakefront owners who help take care of our common lot A in front of their homes. If you live near an area where you would like additional help, please email the ALCC.

METHOD: Fragrant water lilies will be hand pulled and/or cut.

This will be an on-going project. Volunteers interested in helping please contact us. We do offer training for those unfamiliar with lake stewardship.


Maintenance started during the weekend of July 17th hand pulling noxious fragrant water lilies by the beach area and the outlet.

This is an on-going project to help restrict the spread of fragrant water lily. We would love to have interested volunteers join us for two hours of lily pad pulling. Check the calendar for upcoming dates!

Come make a positive impact on the community, get a great arm/core workout and enjoy meeting our neighbors as we work together. Please only show up if you are healthy, have not been exposed to covid-19 and agree to observe the social distance rule of staying 6 feet apart. We are limiting each session to max 10 participants.

WHERE: Meet at the floating dock near the beach lot. 

WHEN: Check the calendar for upcoming dates!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Looking for volunteers who have a kayak or paddleboard who can come out and help hand pull or cut lily pads. We are also looking for volunteers with dinghies who can help transport the lily pads safely to shore for composting. 

If you don't have a kayak and/or paddle board and like to volunteer, please let us know. We can likely find one you can borrow.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself and a kayak/paddle board/dinghy, sunscreen, hat and appropriate clothing for getting wet/dirty. A pair of scissors can be handy for the well-established lily pads, and lots of water to stay hydrated. Bring a mask as well just in case.

RSVP:  By emailing There will be more opportunities if you can't make these ones.

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