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Ames Lake Gets Electricity - 1954

Updated: Mar 19

On February 8, 1954, power finally came to Ames Lake. People put away their kerosene lamps, hand-winding alarm clocks, and battery radios. They brought in refrigerators, televisions, electric stoves, power tools, and vacuum cleaners.

A one-man cooperative, Mutual Power and Light, was able to do the job in this sparsely settled area. The “one man” was A. Cone Hunter, manager, lineman, foreman, groundman, and public relations expert.

There was a direct hookup with Puget Sound Power and Light, who completed the process and installed transformers. Their crews went to the homes of each permanent resident, fastened service wires to the wires running into the house, and installed a meter.

With the power in, Ames Lake was brought up to date, and people were looking into a future of real estate booms. They hoped for two other services that were not yet available: a rural mail route and a telephone line.

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