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Neighboring historical societies

We’re not the only ones trying to capture this area's history. There are several neighboring historical societies as well.

In 1999, after seeing a tremendous growth in Redmond, this nonprofit organization was created to be a resource for everything historical in the community. Here’s one piece of the past: during Redmond's early years of few roads and thick forests, steamboats were the only method of transportation.

Founded in 1976, the Duvall Historical Society has been preserving and recording the history of Duvall and the lower Snoqualmie Valley. Their archives include information about the problems, triumphs, and attitudes of the local community’s businesses, people, and events.

Since its formation in 1982, the Tolt Historical Society has built a collection of vintage photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia representing the 100+ year history of the town of Tolt/Carnation. The collection is currently housed in the Tolt-Carnation Historical Museum, located on the grounds of Carnation Tree Farm, just south of Carnation on State Route 203.

For nearly 50 years, the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum has served the towns of Fall City, Preston, Snoqualmie, North Bend, Cedar Falls, and Snoqualmie Pass. The museum’s collection includes the original plat of North Bend and blueprint sketches of old Snoqualmie Valley forts.

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