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Years Ago, a Group of Neighbors Took Many Trips Together

Updated: Mar 19

In 1988, a group of Ames Lake neighbors went camping in Moran State Park on Orcas Island. They did several other camping trips together and even took a ski trip to Alpental with a larger group from the lake.

This photo shows, from left to right, Pete and Sandy Fookes from Tolt Hill, Frank Ennaro, Brady Northcraft being held by his dad, Michael Northcraft, Laura Herrick, Steve Herrick, Anna Ennaro (top), Paula Decker (bottom), Pati Northcraft, and Bev Duffy and Kevin Duffy.

After all this time, most of these people still live here and share wonderful memories.

Thanks to Pete Johannson for this photo and identifying all these neighbors.

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