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Ames Lake Community Club

Est. 1961

Deadline to submit your application for
ALCC Board of Directors Officer & Trustee Positions is April 2, 2023

Per our ALCC Bylaws, we invite community members to submit applications for board positions recognized in our bylaws as being open to election/re-election.

Applications must be received by April 2, 2023.


The following 2023 - 2024 ALCC Board of Directors Officers and Trustee Positions

are open for election/re-election:


Vice President



Two Trustee positions



ALCC Board of Directors Officers and Trustees must be Full Members of the ALCC (i.e., Current owners of a lot in the Ames Lake Plat), per the ALCC Bylaws:


OWNERS. All current and subsequent property owners in the Ames Lake Addition, Ames Lake Vista Addition, and Ames Lake Vista No. 2 Addition are, by virtue of their ownership, automatically members of the club.

FULL MEMBERS. Full members are lot owners as specified in this Article and as such are the only members who have a right to vote.

​ELIGIBILITY. All FULL MEMBERS in good standing (Own a lot in Ames Lake Plat) are eligible for election as Officers and/or Trustees and all Officers and Trustees must be FULL MEMBERS of the Club as defined in ARTICLE II above, and shall only serve so long as they remain FULL MEMBERS.

TERMS OF OFFICE. All Officers shall be elected for one year. Trustees shall be elected for three years. Two Trustees shall be elected at each ANNUAL MEETING. The immediate PAST PRESIDENT shall serve for one year as Trustee.



  1. Download the ALCC Board of Directors application (PDF)

  2. Complete the Board of Directors Application.

  3. Once completed, email the Board of Directors application and a photo. to to the board by April 2, 2023.

  4. Board of Directors Applications will be reviewed by the ALCC Nomination Committee.

  5. Candidate bios and photos will be posted on the ALCC Website.

  6. Candidate names for each position will be added to the election packets sent to all plat members.



Please send any questions regarding the ALCC Board of Directors application process to

Serving the Ames Lake Plat Community Since 1961!

Welcome to the Ames Lake Community Club - a group of community volunteers serving the Ames Lake Plat.  We strive to build a compassionate, cohesive and productive community and make a positive impact in all of our pursuits. We are charged with the care, improvement and maintenance of the common lots in the plat: the lake, designated as Lot A, the Beach (Lot B) and land strips Lots C, D and E. These are all the commonly-owned property of lot owners in the Ames Lake Plat. Ames Lake is one of the few private lakes in Washington.

The Ames Lake Community Club turned 60 in 2021!


2023 Annual Voluntary  Dues

Ames Lake Community Club is for our Ames Lake Plat owners and renters only. No exceptions. If you aren't sure whether you are part of the Ames Lake Plat, contact ALCC and/or check your deed/King County Parcel viewer where it will be listed.

Our club cannot run properly without your financial support. Thank you in advance! Contributions to ALCC are not tax deductible.

Club Dues

$50/Lot Owned

$15 Beach Maintince

Suggested contribution to Beach Maintenance and the Honey Bucket.

New/Replacment Key

For Ames Lake Plat owners and renters only. No exceptions. New/Replacement Key is $25. One key per family. Please read beach rules. Our co-owned lots are for exclusive use of our Ames Lake Plat owners/renters and their accompanied guests. Do not obtain or use a key unless you are an Ames Lake Plat owner/renter.

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2023 Additional Contributions

We welcome your financial contributions. Any amount is appreciated. We are raising funds this year to replace the swim raft at the beach, add SUP and kayak storage facilities, and improve access to Lot D. (General fund.)

Payment by Check

Please use this form and mail to: MAIL TO: 
3647 E Ames Lake Lane NE
Redmond, WA 98053

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